Hawaii is known as the #1 tropical travel destination in the world and full of things to do. Don’t miss out on the full paradise experience because you didn’t have the right transportation and experienced driver.

Oahu Private Car Services

A car is just a car no matter how luxurious it is. It is the driver that brings the car to life, gives it character, provides service, and ensures its passengers are safe.

A trip is just a transport from destination to destination. However, a vacation consists of quality, worry-free, safe, pampering, relaxing, enjoyable, and a memory-creating experiences. You don’t get that just by taking a trip to Hawaii.

Luxury Car Service Hawaii is here to serve you to enhance your trip and turn it into a vacation with quality private car transportation services.

Whatever your Oahu transportation needs, wants, and desires are, we are here to serve and accommodate you. Below are some of our Honolulu transportation services (but not limited to):

Honolulu Airport Car Service

Begin your paradise vacation the proper way – with an Aloha welcome! Skip the stress of trying to handle your pieces of luggage while navigating the mini Honolulu International Airport maze. Instead, enjoy the scenery and detailed decor that the airport presents to you. A lot of people miss this aspect when arriving to Oahu. Or, choose to be greeted with a traditional Lei Greeting by your personal driver and let us stress about transporting you luggage.

We’ll take you straight to your hotel to check-in or take you through an introductory scenic route of your Hawaii coming attractions. You let us know. We’re at your service.

*Private jet car service also available for Honolulu Airport.

Group Charter Service

Vacationing in Hawaii with a large group whether it be your family or with a group of friends or colleagues is great – only if it’s spent together and travel together. If the group is separated throughout the journey, the energy dies down and meaningful memories can’t be fully made and shared.

Don’t let the separation of the group be the demise of a potentially great vacation in paradise. Travel together like an Ohana (family), the way it’s meant to be in Hawaii.

Luxury Car Service Hawaii offers private group charter services for any and all your group transportation needs.

Executive & Corporate Car Service

Traveling to Hawaii for business purposes?

Luxury Car Service Hawaii has been serving business people like you for over 20 years with the utmost professionalism and prompt service. Your schedule is important and a lot hangs on the success of your business endeavors.

Be sure you have a reliable transportation service to take you from meeting to meeting, destination to destination, or just to add a little pleasure to your business trip (you are in Hawaii).

Whether it be transportation for you or your group of business colleagues, we are here to serve you.

Oahu Island Tours

There is a lot to do here on Oahu. You want to experience the island as much as you can to make the most out of your visit. But, if you try to coordinate your journey to experience the island completely, a lot can be missed. And being without a guide to take you to the must-see landmark destinations will inevitably leave you missing out on the good stuff.

Luxury Car Service Hawaii offers various Oahu island tours. From our entire Oahu Circle Island Tour, North Shore/Haleiwa Tour, Pearl Harbor & Arizona Memorial Tour, to your heart’s desire tour, we have the experienced team of drivers that will take you there, be your guide and personal security guard as you adventure, take selfies, and experience the island.

Call us today at 808- to inquire.

Oahu Hotel Private Limo Service

If you are looking for first-class private car service transportation to and from your hotel, Luxury Car Service is at your service. We provide one-way and round-trip transportation services for all hotels on Oahu.

  • Disney Aulani Hotel & Resort Car Service
  • Four Seasons Hotel Car Service
  • Ko Olina Resort Car Service
  • Halekulani Hotel Car Service
  • Kahala Hotel & Resort Car Service
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel Honolulu Car Service
  • Royal Hawaiian Hotel Car Service
  • Trump International Hotel Hawaii Car Service
  • Turtle Bay Resort Car Service
  • Waikiki Hotel Car Service

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